One of my students brought to me yesterdey, during the Graph class, the information of a brazilian weblog who said that Web 2.0 means nothing. I started to read it and, well, that post means nothing. So I went following the links (many of them in English, if you want to follow), and found there are some people really thinking that Web 2.0 is a piece of crap.

This criticism is probably a natural reaction to all buzzwords that gravitate around the Web 2.0 concept. But it lacks in a point. Web 2.0 means what we want it to mean. If we’re worried about giving names to stuff, then they’re right. But if we’re worried about things that should rule the future IT market, then we got a point, and studying Web 2.0 is not a complete waste of time.

For me, I pretend to keep Web 2.0 alive.